web analytics

web analytics

web analytics

Why does your business need web analytics ?

At first, AWAMER AL-SHABAKA knows the behavior of your visitors, and what they are doing in terms of age, gender, geographic location, and topics of interest to them via web analytics.

Also, we can find out which device, operating system, and browser they are using, that helps us make improvements for them. For example, if most of your website visitors are navigating the site from the phone, this is a clear indication that your site should be optimized to be easier to navigate for phones more.

-         Knowing the language and location of your site visitors helps make translations for them. Knowing the age group of users also helps provide content that is relevant to them to make the site more useful to them.

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA objectives for Web Analytics

We can classify your data into segments by the following points:

Date & time

-          Compare the different behavior of visitors, who visits your site on certain days of the week and certain hours of the day.


-         Compares the performance of visitors on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Marketing Channel

-          Compares the difference in performance of various marketing activities.

Geographic location

-          Identifies which countries, regions or cities perform best.

Customer Attributes

-          Like, visiting customers versus first visiting customers on the Web Site, to help understand what attracts your loyal customers.

Our web analytics types

Google Analytics is an important way to succeed in your business as it is a vital tool for digital marketers. Google Analytics is the Internet transition tool.

SEO search engine optimization analysts, and website managers alike to understand the effectiveness of a digital website campaign. Or to review search engine optimization performance, or to see how users interact with your new site

-         With our analysis tools you can track, analyze, and strategy on websites that have guided most of your website visits.

Throw web analysis we can

-         Analyze qualitative and quantitative data from your website and make competition.

-         Drive for continued improvement of the online experience for your current and lead customers.

After checking the validity of the received data, the first analysis begins :

-         We Know what is the source of the visitors to the Traffic sources website, and what is the purpose of these people to be present on your site.

-         Checking the number of visitors mentioned in the graph reports is a real number representing human beings and not spam or error messages.

-         Categorize website visitors into categories to direct visitors, referrers, or search engines.

-         Places all keywords and phrases used on search engines in a list so that you can use this list in Marketing or visitor behavior survey campaigns on the site and learn about Their needs to meet their demand.

-         Testing all links and knowing which links are most effective to attract the attention of website visitors, that helps to see if some landing pages are performing as required.

Our Services

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Fast and easy service making you reach and a larger segment of your target audience. This service allows you to achieve maximum sales and reach the target area of the market in a short time.

Digital Marketing consultancy

Digital Marketing consultancy

Important guide to choosing the best marketing methods to expand your chances of success. It also provides policy, Create a High-Converting Sales Strategy plan and marketing strategy services Ideal for products and services.

Social media marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing (SMM)

We highlight your project idea on social media with a creative look that you want to stick to your brand in the minds of your customers.

content plan

content plan

Content plan comes before we prove that you deserve to sell your products, we first prove that you deserve to be listened to and trusted.

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