What is digital marketing and new trends in marketing ?

At the present, all companies, enterprises and organizations (small, medium and large) as well as individuals need digital marketing to boost their business, increase their sales, or communicate the message in a thoughtful and accurate manner if the enterprises are not a profitable one.

People vary greatly in defining the exact concept of digital marketing;

Some think digital marketing is just creating social media accounts specialized for the company, and some think that digital marketing just creating a company website, product, or service is enough to reach your target audience.

But digital marketing is an integrated marketing plan that uses new e-technologies and all online communications to reach the largest target audience on the network at a lower cost than traditional marketing.

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Digital Marketing types:


  1. Blogs and articles with creative content that increase your reach to the audience.

  2. Social Media sites and their use to publish creative promotional content for the Social Media product or service.

  3. Apply Search engine optimization for your website to be SEO-compliant; a shortcut to Search Engine Optimization.

  4. Online Ads.

  5. Email Marketing, by sending messages that define your activity to the target audience.

  6. Mobile marketing, in direct contact with the target audience and identifying the product or service that is offered.

3 fundamental differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing: 

Firstly, we have to define Traditional Marketing:

It is a concrete marketing that is easy to hold and feel (tangible marketing) and is used to promote concrete transactions such as "print ads on newspapers, magazines, television and radio advertising," and can also be defined as promotion by non-digital means.


Traditional marketing is based on sending marketing messages to potential customers' audiences through a range of channels, the most important of which are television, newspaper, radio, print, and other traditional means, and online marketing is based on channels that provide speed, measurement, and savings features such as email, social media networks, and websites.

  • The differences in:

1- cost:

Costs in digital marketing are far lower than traditional marketing, and a marketing campaign, through digital platforms can be launched with limited budgets and for small businesses that can start with just $100, while in traditional marketing, marketing campaigns need huge budgets that small and medium enterprises cannot afford.

2- Communication and measuring the feedback:

One of the most important advantages of e-marketing is that it allows customers to follow their responses and questions directly through social pages or the site, which contributes to the development and improvement of marketing campaigns accordingly, unlike traditional marketing, which requires a long time to measure the impact of marketing campaigns.

3- Volume of the target slide:

The volume of the target segment in digital marketing is very large because it is unlimited in a particular location that can be local and global, while traditional marketing serves a certain segment of customers or people and the campaign is associated with the reputation of the means through which marketing messages are sent.

Advantages of digital marketing:


  • Cheap when compared to traditional e-marketing or marketing methods.

  • Focus on your customer target segment, as opposed to other marketing methods.

  • Access to detailed reporting and analysis of marketing campaigns to reach weaknesses and strengths.

Key elements of digital marketing

Digital marketing is based on a range of elements or components, these are the ones that govern the online marketing process of any kind.

  1. Data

Data is the first key element in e-marketing, and the marketing process begins with its correct scientific and practical concept.


The goal of collecting data is to know the target audience, purchasing behavior, expected market size, size of competition, nature of competitors, etc.

The role and importance of data is not just at first, but it is always important as long as the marketing process continues.

  1. Plans

  •  Plans are very important in everything in our lives, and they are particularly important in business, but in fact when we talk about digital marketing, the plan has another dimension of importance.

  • The world of e-marketing is a broad, intertwined, flexible world, with many channels, opportunities and trends, so for the success of the online marketing process a clear and accurate plan must be made.

  • This includes the selection of the auction, marketing channels, distribution of tasks, etc.

  1. Tools

Everyone knows that digital marketing is based primarily on technology, and technology is based on pre-built software for fewer time and effort.

This is a very important component of digital marketing, and it has a great role to play in success in this area. If everything is done manually in the field of e-marketing, there will be no one in a thousand of what has already been achieved in this area.

For example, a tool such as WordPress, which allows you to easily work at a website, is used on 30% of all websites.

  1. Skills

  • In fact, there is a lot of data in the world of electronic marketing, and this by extension offers a lot of options and alternatives.

  • Almost every other element is equal, but what makes the difference and makes some achieve exceptional results is marketing skills.

  • The marketing skills of the electronic marketing ultimately depend on everything, and they make the difference between a traditional electronic marketing and a professional electronic marketing.

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Marketing skills

  • Creativity and innovation are essential to the nature of a person and the potential of an online marketplace.

  • The ability to get the best results at the lowest cost, via reducing unnecessary costs, and exploiting available marketing opportunities.

  • The ability to build good relationships with others, which helps to create a collaborative environment to achieve the best possible results.


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