What are the ways to design websites ?

In order to bring all elements of web design together and achieve successful results, AWAMER AL-SHABKA digital solutions follows the ways to design websites to guides each aspect of the design toward common goals "think strategically"

Web design is not an art – it includes a whole range of different skills – from understanding and analysis, Design and development to testing and deployment – they have been combined to create an interface that is not only beautiful, but that moves functionality and makes it easy to access its content. That was the best way to create a website.

But in order to integrate all of these elements of Web design together and achieve successful results, you must have a clear direction, one that guides each aspect of your design toward common goals. You should think strategically.

Quality standards and how to improve site design in “AWAMER AL-SHABKA”,-  and how to design a website from scratch ?

When we design a website or redesign a site, we operate within a plan and this plan includes full design standards that must be available in every design we do.

We use these standards to ensure the quality of our design, this information is very valuable and we should not disclose it because it is one of the features we have.

After the design team has completed the website, our quality section that we have is reviewed to ensure that the required quality standards are agreed with the website.

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the ways to design websites 


This stage includes working with a site diagram and the pages that it contains, collecting information about the purpose for which a site is designed, and searching for different media to use in the site.


one of the ways to design websites of designing a site through website design programs such as Photoshop and more, and define the colors for the website and should be appropriate for the site's purpose, and also specifying the formats for the site from font color, font size, font type, and other formats.

Preparation and processing

searching for content that is appropriate for designing a site and collect it in a text file for later use, and collecting the images that will be used on the site and save them in a picture file, To prepare videos that are compatible with the purpose of the site, the website must include all types of multimedia as well as text content on the site.


At this point, we use a program to design a website based on different programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and more, and text, images, and all media are placed and hyperlinks are specified to link all parts of the site to each other.


The last phase of creating a website for your business is to ensure the safety of the site parts and to upgrade the website. 

how to design a website layout ?

To own a website, I must first understand the components of the website, where the site consists of three elements (domain name, hosting, design and programming files).

Stage 1: Setting the goals of the website

Before you begin booking your domain name or take a step toward website design, any website builder must set 1 to 3 goals for the site, and the goals vary from site to site.

If the company is small, the purpose of the site is to raise awareness among the target audience of the company, and if the company is large, the company will need to program an integrated platform to enable its existing customers to make the most of its services, etc.

Stage 2: Reserve domain name (company name)

A domain name is the company name on the web, which the customer uses to access your site, free website domain, such as (www.yourcompanyname.com), and there are different ends such as (net) (org) (co), and the domain name is used in e-mail accounts such as (youremail@yourcompanyname.com)

Stage 3: Hosting Booking (Houston)

Hosting is the server or computer that we upload design files on, also for corporate email accounts, and there are multiple options for hosting packages for website files.

Very important information: You don't need to host your site at first.

Stage 4: Website content processing

Content is all the data you place on your website and includes many types, such as product photos, company profiles and activities, corporate contact details such as phone, email, address, etc., and may also add website videos.

Stage 5: Design your site

how to code a website ?

After completing the content, the site design process begins and varies depending on the type of site and the technology that is used, as there are two types of design (Statics and your dynamics).

A website is a site that includes simple pages designed with HTML and CSS and is not linked to a database, and a dynamic site is a complex site because it contains a database and allows users to interact with the site to perform some complex functions.

Stage 6: Testing

At this stage, the most important stage of the ways to design websites is that all site functions must be tested for security prior to the site being released to the public, the entire site will be tested and then modifications made based on the test result.

Very important information: Do not lose sight of this stage at all costs.

Stage 7: Launch the site to the public

This is done by uploading site files to hosting and is done using one of the available technologies such as File Manager or FTP.

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  • Avoid overworking yourself. You'll forget everything when you're tired and can't learn anything.

  • There is something called an endless loop in scripting languages. Endless episodes are a series of instructions in an unfinished computer program, either because the episode does not contain a termination state or has an unachievable termination state, or that the situation makes it start again every time. These endless episodes are frightening to the masses of programmers, so be careful.

  • Be careful when loading programs, in order to not to get into a virus upload error on your device.

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