What are the steps to programming smart apps ?

Today, no one without an Android mobile device, this is a smart app, whether it’s a phone or a pocket watch, and we spend a lot of time using it in our daily lives.


The application market has become a global market and may generate very large amounts of applications, focused on developing applications on smart devices, so you have to well-learn about the steps to programming smart apps .

The importance of programming mobile apps

Having your app or mobile business has many advantages to your employer:

  • An app helps to make your business a popular one and make your business name very popular with many people.

  • Facilitate the supply and sale of goods to buyers, which makes the app's owner profitable.

  • Facilitating the purchase of goods to customers, making them more interested in their app followers to get what they want through Application without effort from them.

Steps to follow before you create an app:

Once you have selected your idea for which you want to work an application, you should to know the steps to programming smart apps , to select several other things such as:

  • What problem(s) will your application solve for your customers?

  • What features will your app include?

  • By studying the market for your customers, you need to know what to add, making your smart app content attractive.

  • In many cases, determining the features and benefits of your application is a balance between your application's overall development budget and your internal capabilities.

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Steps to programming smart apps

First: Identify servers and application interfaces

Before you begin creating an intelligent application program, you must identify the servers and application interfaces needed to program your application. Some great sites can provide you with the tools to do this easily.

If you're not sure what these technical terms mean, you're likely to use a hosting service and a way to collect data about application usage, and no matter how you choose to use it to develop your smart app, it's important to create clear charts because they will be guidelines for everyone who works on your project.

If you experience any technical difficulties, you should review your wired frame to reflect any changes. 

Second: How to create an application

Your developer will set up servers, databases, and APIs.

At this point, you must subscribe to stores. Like creating an account on Google Play and Apple so you can lift your smart app on it so your customers can easily use it. 

Third: Design the appearance

The third one of steps to programming smart apps is the smart API, which is considered one of the most important parts of your application because people are attracted to interfaces and how easy it is to navigate. Through the design process, you should consider that the colors of the application are attractive, and reflect what you offer.

If you use the WYSIWYG Editor, you need to choose the form and plan your own.

Fourth: Test the interface

Now that all interfaces have been designed, you'll need to run a series of tests on your application in its completed form to make sure that the application's appearance meets your expectations.

Proto.io and Pixate are great platforms for testing your application.

Both programs will allow you to add clickable links to navigate your app, and will also help you scan your final layers, interactions, and application design , and through the information, you will receive from these programs.

Fifth: Test run

Once you've seen your app run full, you'll need to test it technically, Android makes it simple, while iOS likes to keep things in a controlled environment. So, there are positives and negatives for both approaches, you can simply upload your application file to any Android device and test it in a live environment.

However, the IOS requires a platform called TestFlight to test your application in a trial. Apple is very accurate in its guidelines and instructions for using its test system. A great advantage of this beta test option is that you can invite your labs to review your application before you deploy it.

Sixth: Application sharing

If you succeed in all the previous steps, now you have achieved your idea, the last step is to share it with the world, and to receive feedback from all experts and trusted in their opinions to redevelop your application and make it the best in terms of direction and technology.

Best programming languages for all platforms

Android and iOS are the most widely used operating systems in the world and the rest of the operating systems - such as Windows Phone - are not worth talking about mainly because of their few users, for example, the Android operating system controls about 75% of the OS market and programming smartphone applications .

This is while the IOS runs 20% or more slightly, all versus only 5% for the rest of the operating systems combined. Also, in the United States, about 55% of users use the IOS as opposed to 45% for Android.

The most important applications in the programming of smartphone applications, some of which are also relevant in the programming of computer applications, are: 

  • Java

  • Objective-C

  • Swift

  • Kotlin

  • C# (C Sharp)

  • HTML5

  • JavaScript

  • React Native

  • NativeScript.

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