What are application programming bases ?

There’s no better way to properly learn the development of smart device than utilize on various operating systems such as Android by Google and Apple’s iOS.

Programming types

The application programming bases rely on three basic uses for correct programming that the learners aim to be professional after their studies in the programs.

types of application programs

  1. Web programmer: This means being a programmer for websites and journalists

  2. Mobile app programmer: Whether it's applications or games, Android, or iOS

  3. Software and application programmer

Front end Web programming languages

●        HTML

●        CSS

●        Javascript

Back end Web programming languages

●        PHP

●        Node.Js

●        Rails

●        Java SE

●        Django

●        ASP.Net

Programming learning steps

    • Studied algebra before you learn the basics

    • After that, select the platform, which you will rely on

    • Then select the learning language you will need

    • There’s no need to study and understand all the programming language if you have specific project, otherwise you can find the required commands on the internet.

What does Android software mean

Android software is operating system launched by Android, then it was developed by Google, it was made for touchscreen devices, cell phones and tablets usage.

Application programming bases

Android is a software, which we can program any application, there are so many programming languages like: java, kotlin, etc.

the most important features of the Android operating system:

  1. provides you with all Google services such as Gmail, the Explorer, and Google search Browser.

  2. It also offers you an integrated combination with all Google services and software specifically designed by Google for Android operating systems for you to synchronize the individual numbers on your mobile phone with the contact address stored in Gmail.

  3. Provides you with different, many-shaped keyboards to make it easier for its users.

Firstly :

Android applications are now the most common and most used in the world, the sales of Android phones are reaching more than 82% from the last quarter of the previous year, given their ease of dealing and other features.


Through Android applications, a wide range of businesses can be used, including marketing, e-commerce, banking, sports news, exercises, and much more.

Thirdly :

Do  you know that Android apps that are programmed for your company or business Provides leads and increases sales, increase your profits on your business and business .


 With Android apps, you can provide your company's brand name, increasing your customer engagement.

programming languages usage areas:

Develop websites and build applications

It is one of the most important fields of programming usage, and website development, it is divided into two parts:

Front-end development:

Meaning; Site design segment which the browser displayed is intended to learn

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages.

Back-end development:

A server that contains site files and that makes the site available online to anyone and everywhere, requires learning languages such as PHP, ASP, Node, or other programming languages.

Developing Windows applications

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world, so, 90% of computers running on this system, many programming languages make it easy to develop programs to work on this system, the most famous of which are C, C++, R, Python, and so on.

Game development

Have you ever played a game and wish you had a game like it?


This is not only customized for exclusive Games development agencies, today it's possible with the significant development of programming languages that made game development possible for individuals. Most popular programming languages now offer libraries and tools that make it much easier to develop games.

Developing mobile applications

Programming mobile applications are different from creating a website because they require learning additional technologies, especially with two different platforms, both, Android and iOS, require their programming languages, and Android needs to learn Java or Kotlin. The IOS needs to learn the IOS SDK environment.

Fortunately, new technologies have recently emerged, that can facilitate the programming of Android applications, and the programming of IOS applications, as these technologies, rely on web languages, which considered as programming languages used for site creating (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), which means that you do not need to learn new technologies.

All you need to learn is web technologies, and you can use them to build applications and also, one of the best tools to help this is Cordova and Ionic.

Some tips that can save you time and  effort :

Do not try to learn many programming languages:

 One common mistake for many beginners is that they are trying to learn a huge  number of programming languages, in the belief that it will make them more efficient and in fact, that will distract their  mindset, it is better to focus on one programming language  as a beginner.

Don’t look for the full information

Don’t try to find the full programming language that solves all problems, there are many programming languages, and all their advantages and disadvantages, try to find the right languages for the purpose you want to use and learn.

Specialize in a particular area

After you learn application programming bases , try to specialize in a specific area.

  • Do you want to specialize in programming games?

  • Or in the development of websites and applications?

  • Or in data analysis and other areas?

Take your time and search well before you make your decision.

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