The relation between digital marketing and Coronavirus

It’s so clear now, that the Stock trades are not stable at all and there are so many companies at stake, fighting so hard to save their place in the market. For sure we know the reason behind those huge changes, the new world’s heavy guest Coronavirus, so many companies are rushing to trade online in order to maintain their stability, commercial field, and market success.

It is expected to increase the rate of online commerce this year to 12% from the previous year, this is after an initial survey with the terrifying development of the virus’s impact on the world, so it is expected to increase significantly, which tells us about the relation between digital marketing and Coronavirus .

Digital marketing and Coronavirus

The digital marketing philosophy is revitalizing.

With the need for people to buy food, special emulsions, clothing and accessories, many thoughts that digital marketing was the best solution, especially with specialized applications in each category, as well as with the maintenance of home services and.

Marketers in this pandemic are more interested in promoting their products through digital marketing, and have seen a greater interest than in previous days, creating an opportunity to flourish their businesses with the importance of following general safety instructions, taking precautions to clean up and sterilize during packaging and delivery.  

The importance of digital marketing for small business

Everything you need to know about marketing your business during the period of Coronavirus.

And why digital marketing is more important than ever to keep track of your marketing efforts! 

There is a lot of information about digital marketing and Coronavirus :

How to avoid it, the techniques of washing hands, adhering to the quarantine and avoiding crowded places, what to do if you are infected with the virus and more,,,,,. 

But apart from all these personal concerns, there are additional professional concerns for business owners and small businesses trying to reduce the financial impact on their businesses during this period.

If you are a small business owner, you may have many questions like this:

  • How will COVID-19 affect my business?

  • How can I market my business during this time?

  • Should I market my business during this period? 

To answer these questions and in particular the last question!

At such times, some companies tend to retreat or stop marketing completely (like your competitors!) Smarter companies use this time as an opportunity to move forward.

you have two options as a company owner

  1. Surrender as a victim, and suspend all your marketing and advertising efforts temporarily, but with this option you should know and are convinced of achieving little or no results even.

  2. Take this opportunity to move forward!

Now, you may think, “Yes, of course, I prefer to see the results rather than do it, but how do I do it?

How do I market my business during the period of the spread of the Coronavirus?

Strategy you can used in digital marketing in times of covid-19

 there are some digital marketing strategies during covid-19, that we have to know

Social media marketing

People are spending more time online than ever.

With many employees working from home online, students also study online university lectures, children take school classes at home online, and people generally try to stay at home as much as possible during the spread of the Coronavirus for prevention. All this means that people are on social media all day long!

So as people spend more time on social media, reach and share more!

Why do some business owners or companies now choose to temporarily suspend social media marketing efforts?

Some will say as a result of the emergency crisis that was caused by the Coronavirus!

This is not a justification for you, to stop your market efforts for your company or your online business.

The best option for you in this period is to put your brand in time and in the right place, where your target audience already resides.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

By the nature of your business, are consumers often looking at Google for your product or service?

If so, SEO is a process that can help you see your website appear at the top of the ratings on the search results page.

For those who are already familiar with SEO, you know that it really is a process that can take some time - unless your competitors stop their SEO efforts!

This is exactly what is actually happening to some successful business owners, as their competitors are reducing their efforts to improve search engines out of fear of the virus, leading to the higher-mentioned category in arranging search engine optimization at a faster pace! ·

Email Marketing:

As a product or business owner, have you decided to stop learning and search for your targeted audience?

According to the relation between digital marketing and Coronavirus , are there a specific time you have to stop building lead relationships?

Whether you are a company or a shopkeeper selling products, e-mail marketing can be a convenient and great way to communicate with your customers. For industrial companies, use coronavirus time to grow your existing customers via email newsletters!


It must be understood by product /service owners that consumers buy from the brands they trust.

Building consumer brand confidence is invaluable to your business now, even after the COVID-19 also ends, why not use this time to set yourself up for long-term success?

Email marketing is the right way to do this.

Google Advertising:

When business activity slows or emergency situations or crises arise as happens now, the common reaction of business owners and companies is the desire to stop all marketing and advertising efforts.

Why continue spending money if consumers are not buying as much as they were before? Isn't it?

Error! And a grave mistake, you must know that not all consumers get away from buying.

For this category, who are willing to spend money, buy and continue to live as usual, for sure you want to display your products to them.

And for consumers who don't spend much in this period, they will return later once normal life is resumed, and who do you think will buy it from?

Of course, the company or shop where the consumers are spending the COVID-19 period is buying and dealing with trusted companies or shops – not the companies that they never saw, heard of, or stopped due to the Corona crisis.

Advertising on social media and Google keeps on your brand and your target audience, whereas when the target audience is ready to buy, they buy from you, not your competitors who have decided to stop.

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