The most important principles of mobile programming

Intro to mobile app design

Smart phones applications have various and wide variety of uses; they give you the world between your hand, so you should know the principles of mobile programming well.

Smartphone apps always:

  • Build loyalty between the app's owner and customers.

  • Bring your customer closer.

  • Enhance the brand.

  • Ease of access to the app.

  • Increase sales and profitability.

  • Build a strong reputation.

Principles of mobile programming app design engage users and drive conversions

 The mobile app is a computer program that works on smartphones and tablets. Mobile phones are no longer used for calls and basic text messages, but now they are used to exchange multimedia messages such as photos, videos, e-mail usage and the Internet. There are so many usages that can be utilized, for this reason we will learn about the 

principles of mobile programming are applicable to the mobile environment. 

Statistics indicate that software developers will be increased by 24% by year 2026, but programming professionalism requires a lot of practice and studies, even the experienced programmers still have a lot to learn, because of the speedy development in these fields.

Whether you're new to the programming field, or a veteran programmer, practicing makes you professional, which is why we've compiled a list of programming applications that will help you to develop your skills by writing codes wherever you are.

Importance of Mobile Applications:

The art of making things easily usable

Smartphone applications have an important role to play in business entry and effective business-to-business communication in a simple way. It can be used for paying bills, buying or selling a product entering data, etc.

  • Speed of communication between smartphones: Your application can reach the customer in a very short time to meet their needs.

  • Ongoing customer communication: Smart applications provide the longest possible time between customers.

  • Direct Communication: Through phone applications, customers, companies and smartphone users can be directly connected to the service and check the other customers’ feedbacks and opinions.

  • Increase sales: Because it provides the speed of the sale and purchase process so that the customer can buy the largest amount of products for easy sales and low cost.

There are two basic of principle mobile programming design principles in Android:

Creating native apps:

  • Using Google tools for this purpose such as Android Studio with Java programming language.

  • Using the Xamarin platform that allows you create such applications using Visual Studio 2015 (comes free with Visual Studio Community 2015) with C# programming language.

  • The advantage of using the Xamarin (owned by Microsoft) platform is that you can write about the same application code for more than one operating system (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).

Creating Hybrid Apps: 

There are so many options that allow you to launch the applications, but most of them eventually need the Cordova (or Phonegap) library to get the final output of the application. The hybrid application is based on CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 technologies. Hybrid applications have features that allow you to run the same hybrid application on more than one operating system without significant modifications (as with the Xamarin platform).


There are many frameworks that facilitate the establishment of hybrid applications such as Sencha Touch, Telerik, DevExtreme, and Ionic (primarily based on the Angularjs library).

Things to consider when it comes to design an app

  • If you have a good experience with the HTML5-CSS-JavaScript trio, you should use hybrid applications and specifically the Ionic Framework.

  • If you have a Java experience, use Android Studio.

  • If you have a C# experience, go straight to Xamarin.

You must have one of the following software to start the application industry:


 An integrated development environment (IDE). Most of them are written in Java and can be used to develop applications written in Java , or other programming languages such as (C, C++, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.). You can use Google search and YouTube and you will find many courses.


 Open-source software used by many developers. Developed in Java, but supports any programming language and you can develop and program Android applications using it, but before that you must know the principles of mobile programming.

Android Studio:

One of the easiest Android software programs to create high-quality applications such as phone and tablet applications, Android Auto, Android, and Android TV.

Xamarin Software:

 With this software, you can create professional Android applications, providing you with an open-source environment for the Android app industry that runs on all operating systems such as Android and iOS.

The web platform is extendable and interoperable for developers to build experiences that can be accessed by a large potential audience without friction. Switching business and life routine to mobile phone was not easy, but we have to keep pace with the technology.

Android mobile app design

Requirements to start programming Android applications

  • All you need is a computer running any of the major operating systems - Windows, Linux or Mac - to start with these lessons.

  • There is no need to know a precedent in a programming language and together we will learn what we need.

  • These lessons are primarily for beginners.

Design principles application

Essential programs, that we will need such it for start up 

  • JDK

  • Android Studio

    Download and install these programs on your device.

    PS: JDK must be installed first before starting the Android Studio installation as it.

When you program the first project, follow these steps;

  1. The mobile first principles are to open Android Studio and select ‘Start a new Android Studio Project’ from the list.

  2. Choose your app name, and then type your site range, if found.

  3. Select Develop Application for Phone and tablet then select the Jellybean version.

  4. Select blank Activity and press next.

  5. Keep these boxes to their default state as you can change them later and press Finish.

 Congratulations, your first project was successfully created.

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