The difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing

Traditional marketing vs digital marketing 

While marketing is so important nowadays, it's more important to know where the money is being spent, you won't know that unless you can identify the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing , and see the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. It is not easy to choose the type of marketing that your company should use to promote services or its products, but knowing the right marketing way will make a big difference in the results. 

What is traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is an application of techniques and strategies to increase sales of a business through direct sales, road advertising, television, radio, newspapers and magazines, as well as media prints such as brochures. 

Advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing

The digital transformation of users and the adoption of the Internet, as a source of information transmission and access, has become so normal that banking and electronic payment are also carried out, and many sectors have become increasingly offering and delivering their services in electronic form. For faster results and a mass audience with multiple communications..

Analytical comparison between traditional marketing and digital marketing

Media used

  • The main difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is the mediating of each, to direct their marketing message to the target audience; while traditional marketing uses traditional media such as: Magazines and newspapers. Digital marketing uses digital media, such as social media, websites, and more.

  • This means that the essence of marketing is mostly fixed, its tools are constantly changing, and that the change of marketing tools is evidence of the dynamism of both the audience and marketing alike, but that the use of digital tools has come in response to changing the demands and characteristics of the customers.

Target audience

  • Traditional marketing enables you to communicate directly with targeted customers, and through this close communication you will get a lot of information and data, and their reactions to the product, but the number of audiences you communicate with will be limited.

  • One of the importance of Digital marketing that it allows you to communicate with the most targeted audience, easily, and effortlessly reach audiences around the world. 

Personal communication

  • Digital marketing doesn't need to communicate personally with your target audience; it's not required, and it's also not possible; so, how can the marketer communicate personally with so many audiences around the world?!

  • In traditional marketing, on the contrary, the market finds itself in personal communication and face-to-face interviews with the target customer.

Interaction and reactions

  • In the traditional way, there will be no way to know how a marketing campaign works or impacts except when the customer purchases or not.

  •  In digital marketing, there are many platforms and social media sites that they can interact with, expressing their views on the product/service. This allows marketers to evaluate those reactions, and to know the impact of their campaigns and marketing efforts.

Cost of digital marketing vs traditional

  • Traditional marketing is highly expensive; it requires printing ads, going to the customer, and frequent physical contact with them.

  • On the contrary, digital marketing does not need a highly-costs; using social media and websites is completely free. It is true that the company can use paid advertising, but this will be optional and not forced.

Follow-up and analysis of results: -

  • Traditional Marketing: Following the results in this type of marketing is very difficult while activating or running your ad campaign, you don't know how many people saw your ad's banner on the road and how many people saw your ad on TV and are those people interested in your advertising or not.

  • In digital marketing: you can follow the ad upload results your ad reached during the upload run, this is not new to you because you can also edit your ad upload and re-run it again if the results are not desirable or intended.

Marketing results

  • Marketing results cannot be obtained immediately if the traditional way of marketing is followed, but you may need to wait weeks and perhaps months.

  • In digital marketing, the opposite is true; the audience interacts with promotional posts and ads. What the company offers will be, in most cases, real-time, allowing the company to know where it is going and how successful or failing to market.

traditional marketing vs digital marketing statistics

According to statistics issued by (Marketing Land), the percentage of people searching for a particular product on the Internet is 44% in Amazon, compared to 34% in Google than the percentage of buyers.

This means that if we have 100 people looking for 100 different products, 44% will go to Amazon to search for their products while 34% will go to Google before taking the decision to buy the product, which gives you a new opportunity to adopt a business in a particular name and to advertise it in a unique way that becomes a reference to People to go to your site to find their products and therefore you will obtain a free customer without competition.

Why is digital Marketing better than traditional Marketing?

All of these advantages that distinguish digital marketing from traditional marketing are just a simple explanation to help you get information quickly because digital marketing has more than these advantages, such as increasing awareness of its business, sales and etc.

The difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing for product price place and promotion also making it easier to sell because the customer is not have to go to your place to buy the product or service and even the customer can order the product or the service from home and then you connect to him through shipping companies and many other features that have made some small projects go to marketing their products electronically and they do not have a headquarters or a shop for them in the first place.

Traditional marketing vs digital marketing examples ;

Despite the advantages of digital marketing that makes it the first undisputed, you should know very well that traditional marketing is also important for some large companies, such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and other well-known brands, and the greatest evidence of this is their continued use so far of traditional marketing and digital marketing.   

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA digital solutions

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA digital solutions experts point of view for the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing :

The key to success is to combine the two methods together to obtain the best results. However, because digital marketing is better in terms of cost, revenue measuring and results, experts recommend applying a rule 80/20, to invest 80% of your budget in digital marketing, and 20% in traditional marketing.

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