Java application programming mechanism

What is Java application programming mechanism ?

Cell phones have changed over time…

Smartphones have developed rapidly over the last period of time, smart phones spreading faster than any technology, with statistics indicating that there are 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, and it’s expected to reach 7.3 billion users by 2023.

That's why there's always increase in the number of applications that have developed every day.


The use of applications and smartphones has expanded, as we need it on daily basis into our lives, so there’s no way for taking a step back.


If you're looking to acquire new skills, which makes you able to work in remote-capable functions, change your career, or find a new challenge, you can learn programming languages that help you become a professional developer of Android applications and this will help you a lot achieving your objectives.


Java application programming is one of the most popular and preferred programming languages among Android app developers, and it is used to develop web applications, games, and big data technologies, because it has many features, such as; Ease of use, support for object-oriented (object-oriented), APIs for various activities, and support a large number of open source libraries.

Most popular Java programming

NetBeans software

It is an open source, integrated development environment and the most well-known Java-built environment used to write code and project work in Java and also supports other languages such as HTML, PHP, C and + C.


  • Free.

  • There are copies of all Windows operating systems, Linux, Mac, and others.

  • Open source.

  • In addition to ease of use and allow automatic debugging of code.

  • It provides you with a wide range of free (plugins) additions that help you to develop and can easily be installed from this software.

Eclipse Software

It is a free and integrated development environment built in Java. A script editor is used to write code and make code projects in Java and other languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and many others such as ++C and C.


  • Free.

  • Development and use of infrastructure, where Eclipse is one of the most popular applications in the world, helps to store and retrieve data, organize network devices, develop software, power consumption and also communications.

  • Based on the programming language Java, Eclipse develops software information such as API programming and oversees consistent version tables. In addition to ease of use and allow automatic debugging of code.

  •  Android Studio is an open source project and program that can be downloaded completely free of charge. 

IntelliJ software

An integrated development environment used primarily for Android and for sure it is a good choice to use for editing code and working projects in Java programming language.


  • There are copies of all Windows operating systems, Linux, Mac, and others.

  • Ease of use.

  • Automatic debugging of code property.

Bluej software

An integrated development environment designed for an educational purpose based on the use of colors in particular, with the aim of making it easier to get used for writing codes, especially for beginners.


  • There are copies of all Windows operating systems, Linux, Mac, and others.

  • Ease of use.

  • Good for small businesses.

  • Colors in codes may be a good start to writing code.

  • Automatic debugging of code property.

  • Runs on multiple platforms

Which is better in the programming languages for the development of Android applications, is it kotlin language or Java language?

There are languages that are limited to specific businesses and languages that have many advantages and advantages. 

Java application programming and kotlin are the most important languages for the development of Android applications. It is very important to learn these languages before entering this field and we will mention the pros and cons of each language on its own.

Java application programming

When it comes to Java, it comes to mind directly as one of the most important programming languages because of its widespread use and is considered one of the oldest programming languages.

Pros of this language

  • This language helps to write a large number of codes in a short time

  • This advantage is, that most developers would prefer it in any programming language that they could easily handle large software projects.

  • They use Accelerator Assembly with Gradle, and there are many online references and sites that contain configurable, open source, and ready-made codes. 

The disadvantages of this language

  • The opportunity for errors is boundless, and designing an Android app interface using Java is still having problems because of its inherent characteristics

  • Developers are slow to perform because they consume more storage than other software.

Kotlin programming language

The Kotlin language is an open source language and is used for Java Virtual Machine and JavaScript, it works in parallel with Java language.

This allows developers to update existing applications that are being developed from Java to Kotlin.

Kotlin pros

  • the speed for written codes, so it becomes Developers' favorite and therefore have little chance of making mistakes

  • Kotlin supports the use of Java libraries, and one of its most important features is that it allows null to be used, unlike Java. 

  • Android uses a null value to represent a lack of value, and Kotlin provides an Anko library that greatly assists developers.

Kotlin disadvantages

  • One disadvantage of Kotlin is that its structure is difficult, it’s difficult to learn and without the availability of resources and educational materials for beginners.

  • The speed at which work is grouped is a bit slower than Java.

  • Because it is a new language, it is difficult to find programmers or developers that use Java application programming with experience, as most of them are still learning it.

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