How To Make Apps For Android

How To Make Apps For Android ?

Mobile phones become the most important tool of communication all over the world, especially smartphones so you can stay connected to your family, friends and your business.

After the great development, people started to use mobile applications to run their business, mobile applications are the best way to get your customer closer to your services and products, so the customer can interact much easier and faster than the physical interaction and the mobile website, so mobile applications are excellent platforms for both business and consumers.

The idea of making applications in all fields, such as medical, health, entertainment, reading and every single application has its own features and advantages, there are a lot of different and distinct ideas, have recently spread to help us to finish our daily tasks quickly. 

How to make apps for Android?

Android apps can be programmed in Java through the Eclipse program or Android Studio, which is completely different from the design of Android apps without a programming language through an easy-to-use app inventor. It can be started as a tradition of the Scratch programming language for children, making it limited to the possibilities you want to continuously develop.

Ultimately, trying to design an app on App Inventor is a has a bad outcome, leading us to learn about Android programming that requires learning the Java language and learning the API language because Android is a wide world in which, you can work freely on the Internet and sell applications through markets like Google Play in addition to put AdSense ads into the app for “per click profit” and it is possible to have a profit rate of thousands of dollars per a month.

Languages that you need to learn to make applications in an official way

If you choose to develop Android apps, you should learn one of these two languages:

  • Java language

  • kotlin

kotlin now is the official Android language. In the past, we have been advised to learn Java before kotlin, because kotlin was a new language and had few sources of learning.

Today, it is different because it has strong learning resources available, and most of the updates that Google’s Android developer is in this language.

advantages of making applications in a formal way

What officially distinguishes the program apps, for Android field of smartphone applications , is that the size of the application is always compared to the cross-platform. The companies that are proactively developing the system that supports this area, constantly develop and update it. by those companies, we mean Google, which is big for Android and Apple for iOS. 

Disadvantages of making applications

One of the most important drawbacks is that the application you write with you line by line and you are tired of the last one that you can run on only one system and thus be forced to learn both domains. In the domain of Android API programming and the domain of IOS programming, thus you have to contract with another programmer and the costs will be additional physical costs.

A multi-application programming domain that-called Cross-Platform

In this domain the code you write runs on both systems and this is great, compared to the first domain, but the cross-platform of remains is not up to the required level, especially when you want to create large applications. These are the technologies available for creating Cross-Platform applications.

React Native

One of the most popular technologies on how to make an android app for beginners is JavaScript-based on building multi-use applications. React Native is supported by Facebook, and both Facebook and Instagram have been written for use react native, also the two applications together are the most commonly used applications around the world.


Microsoft has supported and develops Zamarin technology and enables you to write applications running on all of the above systems as well as the abandoned Windows Phone system. The software language used in this technology is C#.


Flutter is a modern technology compared to other technologies listed above, but it’s a promising technology that has a big future, supported by Google and using a software language called DART.

The most important thing about ionic technology is the ease of learning and ease of use, especially if you have prior knowledge of HTML and CSS, you will not find it very difficult to learn, and it is widely popular and popular with many people.

There are other Freemon's doing the same thing as App-celerator and Adobe Phonegap, but the four technologies listed above remain one of the best and most popular in my opinion, and of course, you can vary with me. 

Steps to build your first Android app

Before you start

After learning the most important program apps for Android that help the learner to program their applications or modify some applications and make the required updates.

The easiest way to do apps is to use them, and this happens by downloading Android Studio.

Steps to create your first app

  • After the software is downloaded, the software opens, and you enter a Quick create, and you choose to create a new project.

  • AWAMER AL-SHABAKA chooses the name of the app, places it in the box for that, and then chooses the location to put the program on whether it's on the phone or any other location.

  • A blank activity box is selected and then terminated.

  • To modify the Welcome Message in the Activity, XML is entered and we need to make sure that the design page is open and ready.

  • We click and drag Hello World from left to center.

  • We choose from the project files the values folder located at the right of the screen.

  • We click on the XML and look for the word Hello World and then add the Welcome to the application statement.

  • We then enter the basic XML link and the welcome phrase has been changed Hello World Welcome to My Application.

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA digital solution

The ultimate choice, for program apps for Android or iPhone application, is AWAMER AL-SHABAKA digital solution , which has an outstanding and obsessed mobile application design team and constantly tests Google's latest technology to Make Apps For Android more professionally and under Google's requirements.

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