Digital marketing in the middle east and the Arab world.

In order to understand the subject more clearly, we believe that everybody noticed that the Middle East region has experienced rapid development; it has been greatly affected by global trends such as e-commerce, business leadership, media, fashion-driven and modern commercial products.

We can conclude that the region is on its peak and that everyone, including individuals, is looking for their chance to catch up, but the majority considers marketing as a challenge and a difficult struggle to overcome. 

The advantages of Digital marketing in the middle east

Markets in the Middle East are in exponential growth.

The Middle East markets have become one of the fastest growing and most attractive markets for many reasons:

  • Demographics play a major role in this growth, especially that half of the population of the Middle East countries is currently under 25 years of age.

  • A young audience spends more time on social media than the average audience, so it provides a rich opportunity for marketers to use these networks to market their consumer content or products such as food, drinks, or entertainment.

  • The Gulf region is characterized by a wide range of young, highly professional consumers, representing a rich market for luxury brands and electronics.

Digital marketing in the middle east is easy to target

How to deal with a middle east consumer?

It is relatively easy to divide Arab customers and determine their character. However, the use of traditional surveys is not the best idea, as the Arabians in general are totally different from other Nations, they are more conservative about sharing their honest observations and comments.

Also monitoring trends in social networking is one of the most effective ways to identify key motivations for your potential customers. Also, sound, data-driven approaches can give you valuable information about your target audience.

Common Marketing Tactics Are Effective

Some major brands have used the same marketing methods in the region for decades. Consumers in the middle east market place are highly affected by personal experience. Viral advertising campaigns are widely effective in shaping consumers’ habits and work for major brands, media production, and politicians.  

Some points you have to know about Arab marketing and Saudi Arabia’s digital marketing

  • There is a very important and essential factor that you need to understand, and never forget about Arab consumers; Arabs are very much interested in social interests and standards.

  • Also, Arab consumers tend to buy the things that a circle of friends and family recommends while making less effort to explore specific product features. Not only this, it also tends to buy products for a higher look at the social class.

  • The majority of Middle East consumers are limited to select specific modern brands and try as much as possible to enter one or more social groups. They suffer from an inability to choose their individual needs because this may lead to the prior judgment of the community and the circle of friends.

  • Thus, maintaining a particular social image is important and severe, which has a significant impact on consumer habits in the region.

Top e-marketing trends in Arab nations

Artificial intelligence ‘AI’

Sooner or later artificial intelligence will take over the world! Or at least functions that can be easily performed.


  • One of the most important digital marketing trends.

  • Artificial intelligence is based on the analysis of user behaviors and search patterns.

  • It also analyzes data from social media platforms as well as blog posts.

  • This is to help businesses and employers understand how a user or customer finds the products or services they provide.

Chat Bot

Also at the top of the list is the Chatbot service.

  • This service uses AI technology to send instant messages to your customers or visitors to your site, at any time.

  • With more than 1.4 billion people interacting with chatbot, more than 80% of companies rely on it.

  •  By 2022, the value of this technology to companies will reach more than 8 billion dollars annually, especially in the banking and medical sectors

 Many customers prefer to interact with Chatbots for several reasons: 

  • Responsiveness.

  • The speed of the answer to the question (it will not take time to think)

  • Patience

  • The Chatbot is never forgotten, so you'll find a complete record of all your conversations, purchases, and any process you've made.

Programming Advertising

What does this type of ad mean, that uses AI technology, and elaborate the significance of advertisement in a global perspective as a challenge?

This system analyzes user data and shows your ad to a specific audience segment


Instead of manually targeting customers, you define your goal from the campaign, also, the middle eastern market crossword contains the system, then shows the ad to the most engaged visitors.


This means more sales and less ad cost.

This pattern will completely change the digital advertising industry.


Impersonation of your campaigns is one of the most recent and important digital marketing importance and trends of all.

Personalizing the content to suit the target customer

With the data that records consumer behavior, it becomes easier to provide custom content based on customer behavior.

Video Marketing

There’s no better way to identify your brand than attach videos to your marketing strategy, because

  • Video marketing is one of the most influential e-marketing trends ever

  •  52% of consumers said watching a video of a product or service enhances their confidence in the company.

  • 70% of users share online corporate advertising videos

  • About 72% of companies report that the video increased their conversion rate.

Influencers Marketing

  •  Effective marketing is a form of oral marketing, based on the use of well-known people to promote their products.

  •  Instead of direct marketing to everyone, you use the influencers to promote the product for you

  • Using the influencers has become a very effective marketing path to attract customers.

  • The influencers can be public figures, Or celebrities on Instagram or YouTube stars

  • Well-known bloggers and journalists who can raise awareness of your business or product through their social channels

Visual Search

search for pictures give the user experience a new level that no one dreamed of before.

With image search, the user can raise their images and find more accurate search results using these images.

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA digital solutions

More consideration has recently been taken to the development of digital marketing in the Middle East , and one of the most important companies that played a role in this development is AWAMER AL-SHABAKA digital solutions , which is working too hard to improve the image of digital marketing for companies and enterprises in the Arab world. Its team and professional management can make it an icon of digital marketing icons in the Middle East.

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