Application programming mechanism for the iphone

After technological development, technology has become a key role in the everyday lives of individuals.

And, with smartphones running on different systems, including Android, including iOS, and Windows, one of the most important ways to market is to design mobile applications or program smart phone applications This is why we have been working with the company to develop and design mobile applications to reach our target marketing rates and to make it easy to communicate with customers as well as for online profit.

We will be addressing today the most important programming languages used in Android applications, Application programming mechanism for the iphone and the best mobile application design companies in Egypt. 

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 what is ios and android

 Google's Android and Apple's iOS are functional systems used principally in mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets. Android, which is Linux-based and partly open source, is more PC-like than iOS, in that its interface and basic features are generally more customizable from top to bottom. However, iOS' uniform design elements are sometimes seen as being more user-friendly.

What is Application programming mechanism for the iPhone and its advantages ?

  • Many types of smartphone application design are on the scene, two of the most popular and widespread of which are the phones.

  • Operates under Google's Android operating system, which is manufactured by more than one company worldwide such as Samsung

  • It is also the world's leading technology manufacturer, and the other is an operating system smartphone IOS or 95 which Launched by Apple, the only manufacturer of iPhone and iPad.


So, we find that iPhone phones are constantly updated because the source is private. It's one thing So any new phone on the market Updated in its software is being handled with all previous models. Make updates on them as well as updates for devices that run one worldwide iOS for all copies and versions, this is done by Apple to maintain paper quality Phones. 

What are the foundations of iPhone application design?

Any implementation designed is to deploy a service or to help customers get the most useful of it and to implement it.

Application programming mechanism for the iphone must be done by experts and professionals in the design of iPhone software and programming of smartphone applications So, iPhone and smartphone programmer is interested in a better appeal Designers and technicians who are faulty from all modern technology developments and up to date all smartphone updates, whether for iPhone apps or apps Android

Profit methods from smartphone apps

There are many ways and the method used according to the owner's desire for the app returns in any way he wants to profit through his mobile app, and some of the most famous of these methods are: 

Profit from the app through ads

This method is based on adding in-app ads that appear to the user based on their interests and most importantly, keeping the visitor or user of the app as long as possible to see the ad to get the most out of it and these are some of the ad types that appear on apps for profit: Interstitial Ads screen-sized ads, banner ads, in App Video ads.

A paid copy of the application

In this way, getting the app for a certain amount of money, you must provide a free copy with limited features, so that customers can see and experience the app and another paid copy, this method makes a high profit but uses only about 20% of the total number of global apps.

Profit from the app through subscriptions

The visitor or application user in this manner subscribes to a package that the application owner has pre-integrated into the application, whether monthly, annual or other subscription.

Software languages used in IOS applications

  • Swift


swift programming is the best language for developing iOS apps for iPhone phones. SWIFT was introduced for the first time in 2014 and its orbital code was announced in 2015 and has since attracted developers very quickly to become one of the most popular programming languages, especially among emerging IOS developers.

Apple has added some of the great features of this language, apple developer, such as simple language installation and the ability to easily identify programmer errors. It is worth noting that all Apple's strong efforts to promote this programming language clearly indicate its urgent desire to make this new language one of the primary languages in its application development environment.

  • Objective

This language was the original development language of the IOS, but later the SWIFT language became the future for the development of IOS applications. However, many of the advanced projects still rely on the object-C language and therefore the transition process is expected. The full language of objector-C to SWIFT is rather slow, and it is expected to be impossible; some projects need to use both languages together.

Finally, it should be noted that choosing the best development language and programming for phones can be a little difficult, especially if you do not understand the features of each language available, but you should know that the choice must be based on the development platform you have adopted.


Not just a language we use, it is an integrated environment for the development of iPhone and Apple devices iOS applications and includes all the tools to create amazing applications for all Apple platforms.

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Why AWAMER AL-SHABAKA digital solution?


In order to work with a company or individuals for Application programming mechanism for the iphone program Android and IOS applications you must have full trust in that company or individual, you will be dealing with AWAMER AL-SHABAKA digital solutions , so we provide Innovator Solutions for integrated software solutions and web services, professional team in our agency produce specialized work of the highest quality and have over 9 year experience in developing Android and IOS applications, as well as a top-level design team to design the application to 100% match the customer's vision and idea. 

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