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About us

AWAMER AL-SHABKA is a leading name in website programming and design, mobile applications, e-shop, and various e-marketing services, in Saudi Arabia. Widely ­we ­deal ­with ­clients ­from ­different­ industries in Egypt and K.S.A. ­So, ­we ­specify ­our ­service ­to ­meet­ their ­various ­business ­requirements. AWAMER AL-SHABKA provides integrated Digital Marketing services starting by transmission situation analysis to deliver the estimated promised.

Our creative team

our digital team handling the latest marketing techniques to connect you to your customers efficiently and simply.

Our core values

- Speed: We exceed your expectations at work, but we never go over time.

- Innovation: Between the superior product concept and the creative innovation processes; We offer you the true meaning of success.

- Collaboration: We believe in team spirit, and the skills union is our unique feature.

- Commitment: From every perspective; We are committed to providing the best.

- Hard Work: It's not just words, but it takes hard work to succeed.

- Honesty: Your confidence is always our first bear in mind.

- Dependability: Our definition of true quality is to rely on us without the slightest concern.

- Reliability: Accuracy is a path we take with you in all your work.

- Open-mindedness: Digital window open to new challenges around the clock.

- Creativity: By using original and unusual ideas: We present an unlimited creative imagination.

About us
Our approach to your marketing success

Our approach to your marketing success

What specialize us

- We have begun to develop new strategies, conduct scientific research, employ innovative and experienced professionals, and adopt the latest technologies.

- Generating loyalty that transcends borders throws our creative ideas in all the media and all disciplines.

- We combine the worlds of web design, development, online advertising, social media marketing, and search engine marketing to achieve a single result. The goal here is to achieve a clearly defined KPI.
- We assure that our success is always guaranteed in the success of our clients and we always promote the growth of our clients’ business.

Our vision

We will become an integral part of the success of our customers. Working with them to achieve their strategic objectives while creating long-term business value by delivering and managing their marketing process.

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure that our clients achieve their business goals by delivering powerful digital products and services. We are working with our clients to develop and deliver innovative and effective digital solutions to business problems, benefiting businesses of all sizes and making them more successful.

Why Awamer Alshabaka Digital solutions

Awamer Al Shabaka is a leading marketing agency founded in 2003. The company started as a small agency serving startups, to grow through over a decade and half, and expand into a full digital and offline marketing agency with a huge portfolio The agency was established in Saudi Arabia, and it expanded with an Egypt based office. Awamer Al Shabaka offers a truly unique range of services that fulfill the needs of business of all sizes and in every industry

Awamer Alshabaka Digital solutions

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