WhatsApp marketing service

WhatsApp marketing service

WhatsApp marketing service

In a world where the mobile phone dominates most of our time; WhatsApp has become an effective digital marketing tool, providing the best target audience with minimal effort, with many different rich media, and this is to achieve a superior return on investment effortlessly by using one system.

Today's customers always expect to receive an immediate response from companies or service providers, so WhatsApp is the best communication portal, and it is also the easiest option when sending a place and what your brand is; This leads to building long-term relationships with clients and increasing their confidence.

"In "Awamer AlShabaka

we can promote your business by understanding your business, then reach your target audience via WhatsApp based on market requirements; We customize our marketing services to get the maximum benefit and provide you and your project with the best results.

Our advertising agency has also helped many clients on the Internet achieve targeted results and shift from just a small brand to a well-known company, by retaining more customers through the best and most powerful digital marketing solutions, including WhatsApp campaigns of course.

According to statistics, the traditional and well-known channels, despite their prevalence, have medium open rates and a lower level of customer interaction.

Compared to competitive messaging channels such as Facebook, imo, and LINE, WhatsApp provides you with integrated communication procedures - from one to one - on a large scale, due to the high delivery rate (95%) and the growing user base, reaching more than 2 billion users in at least 180 countries.

The growing interaction is also one of the main advantages of WhatsApp, as 70% of its users check the app daily, and 76% of customers read the messages. Imagine what your business can achieve with only 1% of these users!

But why choose the " Awamer AlShabaka Digital Solutions" team to lead your WhatsApp marketing campaign?

Improve business hours :

Our experts will help you improve the performance of working hours in the best possible way through WhatsApp, enabling customers to easily communicate during work time and get quick feedback with what you provide.

Interactive mode support :

On WhatsApp, we can create an active promotional campaign for your products, services or offers in a way that stimulates customer participation and interaction with what you offer.

Automatically ready-made responses :

The Auto-Reply feature helps you support effective customer response, through efficient use of WhatsApp and good team follow-up.

Periodic backups :

WhatsApp backups are made periodically and regularly; This helps you save important data about your business, take advantage of it and refer to it, and retrieve customer data when needed.

An advanced approach to group and broadcast management :

You can create a community of interested members or customers and then send offers or broadcast news of your company through the WhatsApp Marketing group, which makes it easy for you to contact and meet your customers.

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