Social media marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing (SMM)

our social media process.

Research and Strategy

research and produce a social media strategy, that covers all the building blocks  milestones of a successful page.

Content Plan

After approving on the strategy, we generate complete weekly, or monthly plans, depending on the client's business typical.(nzkor anwa3 l content)(

Online Advertising

Our marketing team starts the challenging phase, enhancing and re-enhancing depending on paid campaign ideas. 

Social media platforms

Facebook Management:

-   Setup Facebook Accounts and a business profile that is customized for your business.

-   Upload pictures of your products or services.

-   Daily posts on your business page with professional engagement with your audience.

-   Facebook Advertising Requests related to your products or services.

Twitter Management:

-   Setup a Twitter Account and design a background that will match your logo theme.

-   Search and follow all accounts that are related to your targeted Market, your Products or services & your business.

LinkedIn Management:

-   Produce a business profile that will contain: all your business specifics, former experience, business skills and references to other people who used your services.

-   Write qualified recommendations and testimonials to give your business more reliability.

Our Services

(SEM) search engine marketing

(SEM) search engine marketing

Social media marketing AWAMER AL-SHABAKA ensures you to get more fast and more targeted visitors throw search engine marketing, in order to used it as a short-term strategy to achieve a quick of your products or services

Data Entry

Data Entry

Flexible services make a review tracks for all system activities, and access is controlled only for registered and authorized also examines the servers for intrusion testing.

Digital Marketing consultancy

Digital Marketing consultancy

Important guide to choosing the best marketing methods to expand your chances of success. It also provides policy, Create a High-Converting Sales Strategy plan and marketing strategy services Ideal for products and services.

Blog Writing

Blog Writing

Not all content is valid and this is what makes our team unique and motivates you to select it to perform this service as we have a unique team that provides you a good ideas for your blog.

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