Social listening and monitoring

Social listening and monitoring

Social listening and monitoring

Just having a satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore, if you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans and go for the extra miles, so we do the social listening to keep our clients beyond the happiness and security.

Why do you need social listening and monitoring? : 

Social listening is the process of monitoring social channels, we pay attention to all social platforms, in order to know the audiences’ opinions and reviews in your industry and that will give utility to your brand to be on the right track, instead of wasting a huge time in guesses and assumptions what to do for your customers.

With social listening and monitoring , we know: 

 What catches your audiences’ eyes, we can help you to track your audience, as the customers post their reviews over the social media platforms, so they are telling you what they want from your brand and that helps you to develop your services.

Engagement with the customers matters, we help you to be always engaged with your customers,  it helps you find the pain points and overcome it, reach out your customers and discover new sales leads.

Listen everywhere, we help you to keep an eye everywhere, which allows you to determine the positive and negative feedback, also we help you stay connected directly with your customers, learn from the competition and rolls with the changes.

Collaborate with other teams, our social listening helps you build you bridges together, as it provides a wide range of information that is useful for your whole company and you can have a brilliant commercial partnerships.

Keep you updated, by social listening we will keep you updated all the time about your brand awareness and about the whole industry, which guarantee a constant success.

If you are not using social listening and monitoring, you’re leaving a lot great insights on the table, this helps you understand how people feel about your brand and the competitors and this keeps your marketing and product development efforts on track.

Our strategy 

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA digital solution develop social listening and monitoring strategy early to improve SEO search, and to look at what's right for your brand.

  • Your brand name and accompanying names, if found.

  • The keywords that your customers are looking for in your industry.

  • Product / Service Name(s), including words that written with common spelling errors.

  • Competitor brand names and product/service names.

  • Words, sentences, and phrases familiar to your industry.

  • Campaign titles (or keywords) for you and your competitors.

  • Your brand and competitor's hashtags.

  • Classification markings for your industry.

Our Services

Data Entry

Data Entry

Flexible services make a review tracks for all system activities, and access is controlled only for registered and authorized also examines the servers for intrusion testing.

Pay Per Clicks (PPC)

Pay Per Clicks (PPC)

The purpose of paid ads is to direct the person who sees this ad to click on the advertiser's site or app, where this visitor can complete important actions, such as purchasing a product.

Market Research

Market Research

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA provides information and opportunities about the value of existing and new products, thus, helping businesses plan and strategize accordingly via Market Research.

Social media marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing (SMM)

We highlight your project idea on social media with a creative look that you want to stick to your brand in the minds of your customers.

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