Pay Per Clicks (PPC)

Pay Per Clicks (PPC)

Pay Per Clicks (PPC)

The purpose of paid ads is to direct the person who sees this ad to click on the advertiser's site or app, where this visitor can complete important actions, such as purchasing a product.

Firstly, we have to know the importance of PPC for your business

-         Fast knowledge and access to Market.

-         it is easy to measure and track results.

-         works well with other marketing channels.

-         provides a wealth of useful data.

Pay per click ads can have significant and positive capacity for most business owners and brands. If you're not marketing with PPC ads, you're likely to lose a lot of traffic and revenue.


-         Pay per click ads contribute to achieve business goals; These goals range from high-level branding and presentation to potential customers.

Many parts of the sales funnel can also be supported from awareness until the visitor becomes a customer.

-          Pay per click ads are measurable and traceable

-         We assure that, if you're decades behind your competitors, you can easily enter competition markets with PPC ads, with improvement and experience leading in advertising campaigns.

-         If we see positive results, we can rise up immediately and increase drainage and if you want to take a break, you can always stop spending on your ad. Stop it immediately, so you’re the king.

Our Pay Per Click services:

-         Google Ads Management.

-         Microsoft Advertising Management.

-         Google Local Services Ads Management.

-         YouTube Advertising.

-         Display Ads Management.

-         Social Media Campaigns.

-         Shopping Ads (Ecommerce) Management.

Our arrangement of PPC Audit Services is analyzing the structure and follow up the results of the campaign.

-         We divide ad groups into different campaigns and ensure that ads and keywords are targeted efficiently. Campaigns are also split within the Search Network and Display Network.

-         We discover how to set up your ad groups, once the structure of the campaign is well organized.

In AWAMER AL-SHABAKA we use pay-per-click ads in the context of a strategy that includes powerful analytics, improve search engines (SEO), develop content and video, as well as take care of social media.

-         Quickly allows you to create a large network to find new leads.

But be aware here doesn't mean that we can do without improving search engines and not care about them, we just say as a competitive start because it's not reasonable to always rely on click-through payment ads and allocate large financial budgets that your business may not continue to pay for.

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA pay-per-click methods:

Our specialists use Keywords as generalized summaries of a wide range of search queries

There is a keyword matching feature that our advertisers can use. It enables them to match search queries with high or low resolution, so get better results.

Beside selecting keywords, we set up ads in your campaigns.

Ads are combined into ad groups that target common groups of keywords.

Our Services

WhatsApp marketing service

WhatsApp marketing service

WhatsApp is the best communication portal, and it is also the easiest option when sending a place and what your brand is; This leads to building long-term relationships with clients and increasing their confidence.

Voice over

Voice over

The voiceover service works on building your identity, and it is a way to establish an intimate relationship with your audience and attract them with modern and audible content

content plan

content plan

Content plan comes before we prove that you deserve to sell your products, we first prove that you deserve to be listened to and trusted.

(SEM) search engine marketing

(SEM) search engine marketing

Social media marketing AWAMER AL-SHABAKA ensures you to get more fast and more targeted visitors throw search engine marketing, in order to used it as a short-term strategy to achieve a quick of your products or services

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