Motion Graphic

Motion Graphic

Motion Graphic

The importance of the Motion Graphic

1-  Make it easy to show your products and services to your audience and followers.

2-  contribute to making the idea more clear and solid in viewers' minds.

3-  Latest the Graphic Channel becomes the most powerful promotional tool for marketing your services and products and persuading customers to buy your product.

note that, approximately 90% of users consider the Motion Graphic is useful in the purchase decision process.

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA makes your marketing more effective via creating and posting Graphic Video on your social media with all its stages, your website, or even on freelancers and put your video into your business models; This will be a marketing video of your skills and your design, drawing, production, editing, and other skills, in that way you can market yourself, your design excellence, and move in an easy and effective way.

The viewer is always looking for visual content especially if this content is video, AWAMER AL-SHABAKA combined this video with images and text, and audio in Motion Graphic video. You will surely attract the viewer's attention because all content items will be in one place, in a unique and new way, especially if the graphic video is in consistent, comfortable colors. It also contains illustrations, and special effects.

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA general stages in making Motion Graphic

It's done in the phases of creating drawings, then making their own designs.

After that, it came to the moving stage.

recording and adding sound effects.

Of course, more details are needed, but it is still less demanding than traditional movie videos. All that is required is the skill of working on special tools such as Adobe products.

It is done in the phases of creating drawings first, making their own designs, and then coming to the stage of moving, recording and adding sound effects. More detail is certainly needed, but overall, but it is still less demanding than traditional movie videos. All he requires is the skill of working on his own tools such as Adobe products.

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA Graphic team has an efficient experience in making a Motion Graphic whether product or a service.

Our experts recommended Motion Graphics in marketing, because statistics that based on the report by ‘INVODO’, average Internet users spent more than 19 hours of video content watching per month. 60% of purchases on online stores always watch the Motion Graphic of the product. Graphic content increased to 174% compared to the same product in the same category that does not contain pictorial content. So, the future of Motion Graphic is still being shined on social stages and websites because of the huge demand for businesses, e-shops and stakeholders to make it easier for their visitors to get a lot of hardship and not to lose them.

What kind of content will you focus on?

The goal of the content strategy is to shape the content posted on your website. Will it be articles? Videos? - Infographics? - Or other?

what the right content looks like? ....  it's easy for us to create, market, and publish a budget that's right for that content. And achieving its main objective.

Our content strategy aims to identify which channels we will use to publish content and therefore fit the content to the chosen publishing channel.

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Market Research

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WhatsApp marketing service

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