Market Research

Market Research

Market Research

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA provides information and opportunities about the value of existing and new products, thus, helping businesses plan and strategize accordingly via Market Research.

To stay ahead of competitors, market research is a vital tool to carry out comparative studies. Businesses can device business strategies that can help them stay ahead of their competitors.

Our Steps for conducting Market Research:

Step #1: We interview your potential customers by phone or face-to-face.

Step #2: Carry out data collection by using "Questionnaires & Surveys", either online or by email.

Step #3: make what is called focus groups;

Looking at information collected by government agencies, commercial organizations, or other companies in the same domain.

Step #4: Monitoring the competitor well by interviewing their customers.

Step #5: Make the Research Report.

Step #6: Following all the political and social conditions of the market in which you intend to enter, and also do not neglect the stock exchange fluctuations or the economic conditions of the market.

step #7: Know if the market customer culture will be right for your product?

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA team is interested in knowing the answers to these important questions during the process of Market Research:

– What are the factors that make your potential customer buy a product or interested in your service?

– What do target customers like and hate your products now on the market? And why?

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA steps for collecting your own business data

The first step is for Mobile, by collecting Data Which you need from the numbers we have collected. —Next step is by online surveys we can collect data.

—the last step is asking the clients or customers just some questions that Based on our data of your service throw these questions.

Some questions with our client to collect customer’s data:

1- What makes your customers focus on the product you are offering?

2- What are the advantages and disadvantages in the product you are offering?

3- What do you need to work on in case you have got defects?

That’s our first phase of Market Research, then we have met our second research

-         This is an Analysis for all of the data we collected and, on this basis, our search team determines such as known competitors.

-          we know from this search where your rank improved by What you are offering compared to what you are about.

-         also, we define the target audience of your business.

when collecting data, we don’t rely only on Google, because it’s a very limited source. It is not like when collecting the data from different sources.

–The first type of research is important, but we can’t use it only because the second type is important, in order to do Analysis for all the data we have collected. So, the two completed each other.

Our Services

web analytics

web analytics

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA knows the behavior of your visitors, and what they are doing in terms of age, gender, geographic location, and topics of interest to them via web analytics.

Voice over

Voice over

The voiceover service works on building your identity, and it is a way to establish an intimate relationship with your audience and attract them with modern and audible content

Data Entry

Data Entry

Flexible services make a review tracks for all system activities, and access is controlled only for registered and authorized also examines the servers for intrusion testing.

Motion Graphic

Motion Graphic

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA makes your marketing more effective via creating and posting Graphic Video on your social media with all its stages

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