Digital Marketing consultancy

Digital Marketing consultancy

Digital Marketing consultancy

Our marketing consultant contains:

  •  AWAMER AL-SHABAKA entirely attractive Data-Driven

consulting services to improve your data resources integration. We make a strong marketing plan that focuses on short- and long-term goals to expand your chances of success. 

  • we improve reporting systems, and empower stakeholders to stay in the center of your performance.

  • Data analytics strategy, analytic tools integration, KPIs and ROI analysis.

Our marketing consultant strategy:

  • Digital marketing strategy including research stats, tactic, action plan and KPIs. Evolving marketing mix, content strategy and growth hacking plan.

  • Local and international market research, target segmentation analysis, competitive analysis, Brand strategy.

The main objectives of marketing


-   Deliver a technical plan for analytics infrastructure for your platform, cloud, and tools.

-    Tailor your reporting system and dashboards to your business.

-   Support your data team with constant business needs and analytic system maintenance.

How can marketing consultation help your business;

  • Develop an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy.

 AWAMER AL-SHABKA will do this by leading in-depth analyses of your current position and target audience.

  •  Create a High-Converting Sales Strategy.

Marketing consultants will determine which advertising channel will carry you to the best return on investment, whether in Google, local ads, paid social media ads, video ads, or other placements.

  • Suggest Innovative Ideas.

Our experts are up-to-date on the latest trends. So, they’re able to come up with cutting-edge ideas that’ll drive growth for your business.

Our Services

WhatsApp marketing service

WhatsApp marketing service

WhatsApp is the best communication portal, and it is also the easiest option when sending a place and what your brand is; This leads to building long-term relationships with clients and increasing their confidence.

Pay Per Clicks (PPC)

Pay Per Clicks (PPC)

The purpose of paid ads is to direct the person who sees this ad to click on the advertiser's site or app, where this visitor can complete important actions, such as purchasing a product.

Data Entry

Data Entry

Flexible services make a review tracks for all system activities, and access is controlled only for registered and authorized also examines the servers for intrusion testing.

(SEM) search engine marketing

(SEM) search engine marketing

Social media marketing AWAMER AL-SHABAKA ensures you to get more fast and more targeted visitors throw search engine marketing, in order to used it as a short-term strategy to achieve a quick of your products or services

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