Blog Writing

Blog Writing

Blog Writing

Not all content is valid and this is what makes our team unique and motivates you to select it to perform this service as we have a unique team that provides you a good ideas for your blog.

Do you have a website and want to connect with your customers and attract new customers?

Want to reach your target audience easily with a lower cost than paid ads?

Blogs are a component of the new marketing plans aimed at humanizing business.

blogs are a great way to add them to social media content that cannot be modified.

But is any content that works for writing and adding to blogs?

Not all content is valid and this is what makes our team unique and motivates you to select it to perform this service as we have a team that:

  • Writs blogs in classical Arabic with no spelling errors and adherence to citation criteria.

  • Blogging in the right English and rich in the right, true expressions for readers.

  • Writing blogs in a manner consistent with SEO and which helps to lead the results on the front pages of search engines.

  • Writing blogs in all fields where the staff has a broad professional background that serves all industries.

How does Writing Blogs for your business help making it successful?

Blogging helps improve the site's SEO and increase traffic

Statistics indicate a 55% increase in the number of hits on websites that write blogs, a 97% increase in the number of links received, and an increase in indexed pages with huge percent.

  • Search engines prefer high-quality blogs to output in search results.

  • blogs allow you to appear on search engines with more than one keyword, increasing their reach to potential customers.

  • the better the content is shared on social media, the more it is placed on search engines.

2. Blogs help to attract potential customers

Businesses that write blogs per month produce up to 67% more leads than businesses that don't have blogs.

  • blogging personalizes your business, increasing familiarity and trust between the customer and the employer, increasing the likelihood that customers will leave their contact information.

  • good, reliable content increases the likelihood that it is a reliable source in the target geographic area, leading customers to come back and turn some into leads.

3. Helps  boost sales

  • On average, the number of potential customers resulting from SEO and blog-writing for the site is 14.6%, while the number of customers coming from print ads, for example, is only 1.7%.

  • blogging allows you to clearly define your brand, to satisfy customers' need to find the service and pass most of the buying cycle on their own before communicating with you.

  • blogging helps promote the benefits of the product or service indirectly, as well as the power of the CTAS.

  • the human touch associated with good blog writing improves customer leads by up to 74%.

4. Blogging helps build your own brand

  • constantly updated blogs give customers a serious brand, as well as covering specific topics specific to your domain, giving customers a sense of brand connection to what the blog offers.

  • blogging reduces the cost used in advertising if the content provided is closely linked to your brand and leads customers to request service.

  • by writing engaging blogs, we provide you with a new way to connect with customers and build a close relationship between you and the customer.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Specialized service targeted your business very carefully to improve your site on search engines, increase your brand visibility, and get high quality visitors to your site.

(SEM) search engine marketing

(SEM) search engine marketing

Social media marketing AWAMER AL-SHABAKA ensures you to get more fast and more targeted visitors throw search engine marketing, in order to used it as a short-term strategy to achieve a quick of your products or services

Digital Marketing consultancy

Digital Marketing consultancy

Important guide to choosing the best marketing methods to expand your chances of success. It also provides policy, Create a High-Converting Sales Strategy plan and marketing strategy services Ideal for products and services.

web analytics

web analytics

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA knows the behavior of your visitors, and what they are doing in terms of age, gender, geographic location, and topics of interest to them via web analytics.

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