Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Our affiliate marketing services

-         Produce an advertising and sales pitch.

-         Create text ads.

-         Banner design.

-         Set up its marketing advertising network.

-         Select quality campaigners.

-         Create the Commission structure for affiliate marketing associates.

  •   How AWAMER AL-SHABAKA use Affiliate Marketing

 We propose our Commission marketing service with a predefined percentage of income, allowing you to make sales without engaging in any marketing operations while also making sure we choose your agents, so that they create a good reputation and a contributing affiliate base.

Create a short and long plan.

This plan contains at least five questions:

What does your Commission marketing program look like?

Who are you targeting for marketing (bloggers, influencers, website owners…)?

What kind of competition do you face with other Commission marketing programs?

What problems can you have?

What can you offer to your co-sponsors (offers - discounts...)?

Make an attractive offer

We study the average Commission of the industry and the product that you offer. See how much Commission you can Commission and review your business model and competitors' programs with this information identify your Commission marketing program. Some companies make their Commission gifts and products free of charge, not just money.

Make it easy for marketers to find your software

Make the Commission Marketing Program page relevant to search engines and contain keywords that help anyone understand and get, and make sure that you advertise your program through the Site, Email.

Our Services

Motion Graphic

Motion Graphic

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA makes your marketing more effective via creating and posting Graphic Video on your social media with all its stages

Pay Per Clicks (PPC)

Pay Per Clicks (PPC)

The purpose of paid ads is to direct the person who sees this ad to click on the advertiser's site or app, where this visitor can complete important actions, such as purchasing a product.

Digital Marketing consultancy

Digital Marketing consultancy

Important guide to choosing the best marketing methods to expand your chances of success. It also provides policy, Create a High-Converting Sales Strategy plan and marketing strategy services Ideal for products and services.

Voice over

Voice over

The voiceover service works on building your identity, and it is a way to establish an intimate relationship with your audience and attract them with modern and audible content

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