(SEM) search engine marketing

(SEM) search engine marketing

(SEM) search engine marketing

The better your ads perform, the lower the cost of acquisition

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA ensures you to get more fast and more targeted visitors throw search engine marketing, in order to used it as a short-term strategy to achieve a quick of your products or services

Our SEM Isn't affected by Google's annoying algorithm updates for many agencies.

We consider the intention of the researcher for whom you want your ad to appear, for example, if you're looking to sell products, target transaction keywords, such as buying a T-shirt, hourly price, or mobile price specification and not just media keywords such as product name.

In AWAMER AL-SHABAKA your ads will appear for free once your paid search ads are created, and you will only pay when someone takes action.

SEM strategy

SEM can tell you what people are clicking on, what people want to pay, and the cost of getting a customer. You must run your tests to answer these three questions. Focus on finding high-potential keywords. Once you've found keywords that will get the best results, put them in ad groups. Ask “which words can work well together in the ad?” Then test a different ad copy (the words in your ad) and landing pages (what your ad is doing) within each ad group.


The term SEM may sometimes include the idea of SEO - Search Engine Optimization. SEO changes website content and layout for better ranking in search engine results. However, over time the industry has achieved the distinction between SEM and SEO. Search engine marketing is paid search marketing such as running Google ads. SEO makes changes to your website by naturally attracting visits and website data.

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA planning and implement

1-  Choose keywords related to your website or your product online.

2-  Choose the geographic region and country in which you want the ad to appear.

3-  Make text content in search results that contains the keyword for your site.

4-  Choose the plan you want to apply in terms of price, and the budget allowed for your site.

5-  Enter the headline, ad content, and a phrase that attracts the user to click on the ad and go to your site.


A landing page is the first real message that any user or potential customer will see on your website. Identify yourself using a single liner that tells the customer that they can trust you. Show how you can solve their problem or how you can give them the right solution. Next, select what the call to action (CTA) will be. What the action do you want the visitor to take? Your landing page must have one goal. Button with a call to action is an easy way to clarify. Some common examples we use are “Get it now”, “Subscribe for free for a month”, “Start now!”, or “Subscribe”.

The copy of the ad must be relevant to what is being searched for. Your landing page should be suitable for what's being searched for.

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA digital solution concentrates on the copy of an ad to be more relevant to what is being searched for, in order to Google calculate “Quality Score” for ads based on their performance. Your landing page should be suitable for what's being searched for. The higher the Quality Score, the more Google will reward you.

Our Services

Motion Graphic

Motion Graphic

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA makes your marketing more effective via creating and posting Graphic Video on your social media with all its stages

Blog Writing

Blog Writing

Not all content is valid and this is what makes our team unique and motivates you to select it to perform this service as we have a unique team that provides you a good ideas for your blog.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Specialized service targeted your business very carefully to improve your site on search engines, increase your brand visibility, and get high quality visitors to your site.

web analytics

web analytics

AWAMER AL-SHABAKA knows the behavior of your visitors, and what they are doing in terms of age, gender, geographic location, and topics of interest to them via web analytics.

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